Our Story...

The Beginning

Founded in 1996, Wireless Giant quickly became a recognized leader in the wireless industry. We are a premier operator of over 90-retail wireless phone concepts spanning across multiple states and a national distributor of quality brand named mobile phone accessories.

B2C E-Commerce

New Product Ideas! It's Our Way of Giving You More! Wireless Giant continues to evolve as an organization and is committed to bringing new products to market that align to your lifestyle. Wireless Giant believes in lifestyle brand marketing and through our B2C e-Commerce web platform, we showcase products aligned to lifestyles that embody the interests, attitudes and opinions of a group or a culture.

B2B E-Commerce

Wireless Giant offers a true B2B solution that gives you the best competitive advantages in this increasingly global market. You will feel right at home as soon as you log in to your personal, secure online account. You will have access to an array of online services that will optimize the time you spend online. This is where our B2B customers can access all the information they need like prices, stock levels, etc., or quickly place an order anytime, anywhere.

Logistics / Distribution / Fulfillment

Are You Ready to Outsource Fulfillment?

Wireless Giant's outsourced e-Commerce fulfillment is perfect if you're a business experiencing growth and gaining momentum. With this comes the demand for additional warehouse space, more employees and sophisticated order processing and fulfillment. Regardless of the number of SKU's your business has, you might need a website solution, back-end accounting, and product fulfillment solution. We have both situations covered!

Our distribution facility provides full Logistics, Accounting, and Distribution Services for our Strategic Product Partners. If you sell goods to buyers over the Internet, the process of storing the product in the warehouse for selection upon purchase by an end-consumer, packaging it for shipping, labeling it and finally shipping the product is called "order fulfillment". Outsource your order fulfillment to Wireless Giant!

As your business grows you may find that this process becomes incredibly time-consuming and distracting when you need to focus on growing sales. That is where Wireless Giant's outsourced order fulfillment services start to look compelling. We handle all of the receiving, processing and delivering of your online orders to end consumers at residential addresses.

Here are some other factors to consider:

  • Your level of experience - Do you know how to get a product from point A to point B the fastest method, for the lowest price with the least margin of error? Do you want to spend your time in a warehouse or garage packaging and shipping your products? Can you integrate your Web store or shopping cart with your warehouse or order fulfillment solution to automate your business? Do you have a back-end order fulfillment solution?

Focus on growing your business. One of the biggest benefits of outsourcing your order fulfillment to Wireless Giant is that you are free to focus on core business activities to expand your business such as strategic planning, sales and marketing, product selection and customer relations.

Headquarters Located at

32600 Stephenson Highway
Madison Heights, MI 48071

Distribution & Logistic Facility Located at

32525 Stephenson Highway, Bldg. 2
Madison Heights, MI 48071

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